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Dude, I missed your post earlier. Have just looked at your ride report... looks like you were having fun.

I really like the retro looks of the Van Van, and a whole fleet of them! They look really nice all lined up together.

It's nice to know there are other, older bikers with full licenses out there who are choosing to make trips on 125s.

Quick update on our planning:

Spent this afternoon knocking up, and tweaking, a 12v lead onto the battery. then a double USB adapter into this to run/charge the Garmin GPS and the helmet intercom. We'll be taking a one night camping trip this month to test in the field the intercom and GPS.
We're keen not to use turn-by-turn satnav when we traverse Spain and France, as I think this will ruin the trip by being too restrictive.
Instead I have a hiking GPS mounted to the handlebars which just contains a massive list of locations we'd like to visit, leaving us free to pick and choose our routes ad-hoc on the day, see how we feel. A 'looser' more free approach to GPS nav.

Paper maps as backup. Love paper maps. And the Michelin maps of France have the added bonus of highlighting the scenic routes in green, so we can keep the 125s on the small, pretty roads while hopping from waypoint to waypoint.

Will post up pics of the test trip in due course.
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