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Originally Posted by aceonthebeach3 View Post
Can you elaborate? I am sold on the multi. Just debating on full termi. With high flow filter & race ECU..Does anybody have real world #s? If not i think I will be the test subject because my buddy owns a motorcycle shop equipped with a Dyno= real world HP gains if any.
I can, and in some length.

There have been very few "scientific" threads if any on the various fora (here and elsewhere) dealing with Multistrada's response to exhaust tuning, but much discussion to date about smoothing out low end response. This mostly covers '10-'12 models since the '13's dual plug and injector revisions aim to address the "response" issue.

To date, (that is up to last model year) machines getting the full Termi treatment have generally also required additional dyno tuning to ease reported lean surge conditions and smooth throttle response. Unfortunately, very few owners have reported before/after pulls to give the community a sense of which modifications might result in which improvements. So for one thing, your experiences, if you report them here, perhaps posting your before/after pulls, will be of interest to people like me who find a $3000 "investment" in the Termis a bit much to fork out when the evidence is anecdotal, and equally when critical owners have found that the Termi ECU is at best a starting point.

Sine the '13 should improve on the prior models' low speed response, a principle incentive to go to the trouble, that is improvement at low speed running, is reduced.

So you are left with a very expensive exhaust system of (some say) dubious value for money for which the improvements are largely either anecdotal or undocumented.

Since many owners agree that the Multi already has plenty of power for it's intended task, a good number conclude that there is better return spending the money elsewhere. Others believe equal or better results can be obtained substituting alternate systems including those from Quat D, Arrow, Leo Vince, Akrapovik or the like, and since all of these systems require some degree of fiddling and tweaking (notwithstanding Termignoni's bespoke ECU) a consensus that the Termi system is a good deal does not exist.

Your priorities may be different, and your results can help inform the rest of us.

I'd tend to agree that the first, best money might be a careful shopping of aftermarket warranty myself if the owner intends to keep the bike longer than the coverage offered by the original Ducati warranty, as these bikes are expensive to repair. A number of us who would never buy aftermarket warrants or never bought them before did do that when buying these bikes. The peace of mind is well worth it to me.

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