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Been winter riding for almost 25 years now. Rode to work this morning in 12f temps, as a matter of fact. 20-25 minute drive to work most days.

Just using TKC's on my 640Adv. Wear a BMW helmet with a Pinlock visor. Bought that in Belgium, dunno if it's available here, but does a good job of keeping the visor clear. Heated grips, but don't bother with my vest on such a short ride.

Didn't like steel studs on asphalt, way to squirelly, so I just go with knobbies. Used to ride an FZ750 year round, regardless of weather. Used my old rain slicks as winter rubber, worked VERY well. Wheelies at minus 30. Even dragged a peg with them on off-ramps when I was younger and dumber. Lots of stick.
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