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Ahhh deep thoughts

Originally Posted by decodent View Post
Not so much looking for the historical facts, numbers, etc. What would be more interesting is YOUR experiences there.

What do you see? What do you experience? How does it feel?

On a bigger level, how is this trip changing you? What shifts, if any, do you feel inside?

What are you learning about yourself along the way? How about the lives of others? Is there a common thread you see through this journey?

What's it like to be on the road so long - where the real constant is your bike, the road and your partner?

You two have done so much to DO this journey, so now what does it feel like to BE doing it?

Stuff like that.


Well this might take a bit more thought. Number one people and especially kids are the same everywhere. I always laugh when a person from one place tells me how dangerous it is in the next place, because i heard exactly the same thing about this place when i left the first place the day before. We have been treated well everywhere we have been. Local people have been universally friendly and very interested in what our "mission" is. Despite our poor, but improving grasp of Spanish people are so happy when we try. Our lack of fluency has really never been a problem. Well except for the time in Becan, Mexico when I got Tostadas and not pan tostada for breakfast.

I think being on the road for so long can be hard especially if you are in a hurry. I can really appreciate the small luxuries......toilet paper and soap in a public bathroom for instance. Enjoy each days good and not so good thing, thats what makes it interesting.

This trip has changed us for sure. We are off the corporate/professional gerbil wheels and actually doing what we want every day! That is truly amazing. What is cool is that it is such an adventure. It is really hard to explain the small funny things like the hotel rooms with pepto bismol pink walls and lacy toilet seat covers or food that comes as we say in "a rendition" of what you would get at home. I will try to add more personal commentary. I was not sure people were interested.


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