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Originally Posted by dentvet View Post
This thread has shaken the cobwebs off a couple of disjointed memories for me...

It's a bitch gettin' older; Don't ask me how I know.

Like you, this thread is (slowly) bringing back memories for me. Unfortunately, for me, the memories are coming-back in snapshots: snapshots that have been soaking in water, for the last 30 years. Needless to say, they're a little murky.

Last night, my cousin and her husband came to visit. I told them that I had recently undertaken the restoration. And, like you (while speaking with them), I suddenly remembered how off-the-chart the SE Racing prices were (back then), and was trying to make that point to them.

As I remember it, back then, the P.K costs about three times as much as some really great racing models (Diamondback, Redline, etc.) Also, on top of that (and I don't know if your experiences were the same), I never...EVER...saw another SE Racing bike (P.K., Quadangle, cruiser, etc.) in or around my neighborhood. It was just that rare.

In regard to your bikes, your brother might have owned one of the prototypes that, eventually, became the "P.K. Ripper" (after Perry Kramer added his personal touches). With the exception of the paint, yours definitely sounds like a P.K.

As I posted earlier in the thread, I don't remember seeing painted P.K.s, until a few years after I got mine. That doesn't mean they didn't exist. It just means I don't remember them.

Thanks for your post. It's great to hear all the stories.

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