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Originally Posted by XL-erate View Post
Regarding the AWG wire and SAE wire, AWG American Wire Gauge wire is specifically designed and made for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications. SAE wire is for vehicles. Marine Grade will have other specifications added for further safety. AWG is much thicker strands made of different copper alloys than SAE. AWG has fewer and heavier gauge strands in a given wire gauge size than SAE does. Conversely the SAE has more strands of a lighter gauge in the same 'Gauge' rating.
If I had learned this somewhere along the way, I certainly didn't retain it in my sieve-like noggin. Just went out to the garage to look at my spools and as far as I can tell EVERYTHING I've been using on my bikes for the past 5 years is AWG!

I've never had a wiring related failure on a bike, but maybe I've just been lucky. Anyways, I think I'll head on down to West Marine next week to lay in a stock of SAE or Marine Grade spools and toss the junk I have in the trash. And I might buy a new stripper too!

Thanks for the schooling, XL! And BTW, I took your advice from earlier in this thread to buy a quality butane powered soldering iron to replace my POS electric one. Haven't tried it out yet, but at least I got it. Guess I better start shopping for some higher quality solder while I'm at it.

As Davebig likes to say, will it ever end?
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