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Back from Perth to Gold Coast… almost!

Three (3) lessons learned riding across Australia on the South paved roads:

1. On paved (asphalt) straight roads (like for more than 50Km), and air temperatures above 40C; heed the advice of Harley riders and put on real road tires like the Dunlop Roadsmart. My Scorpion Trails evaporated (see picture). I met an Austrian rider that reported the same happened to the Scorpion Trails on a trip to Sardinia (quite hot I reckon).

2. Order or get the rear wheel nut sprocket for your MTS now! It’s not in the tool kit; the regular shops cannot take your rear wheel off without that sprocket. An extraordinary Honda shop owner opened his shop to help us out during the holiday break, found a rear tire that could be fitted, but there was no compatible socket. Have you ordered yours yet? What are you waiting for?

3. The remote (keyless) filler cap, may not like the long rides at one point. I’m fitting the ordinary filler cap to avoid undue palpitations when the thing does not want to unlock in the middle of nowhere at an automated petrol station. It was one attempt away from the screwdriver option.

Stop reading, go ride!

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