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Your the one wondering if it ever ends Ned ! It doesn't
XL is right of course and marine grade wire is superior to what you have most wire sold over the counter in auto parts or farm stores is crap.
But the only people still soldering are the airplane wire harness people the rest of us crimp, the problem being too much heat causes a a brittle spot, all high end welders and plasma cutters (lots of heat & amperage) are all crimped.Given that info good crimping pliers are hard to find and it takes a bit of practice, and good ends are hard to find, the welder electric tech endorses digi key.
He also says simpler is always better avoid high tech drama fuse panels are great, and as XL pointed out grounds are very important need to be clean and well made.
Duncan that's a really nice bike Elmer did a nice job and in the words of my plumber " if it isn't broke don't fix it".DB
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