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Branded Fue vs "generic" fuel vs easy to find

I know I've read it all comes from the "same tank"..
.. but I still prefer to purchase "Brand Name" over "no name".

In this order, I usually I look for:
Chevron ,Shell,Texaco,Exxon and BP.
... but they seem to be getting harder and harder to find.

Used to be Chevron and Texaco both added techron to their mix..
..not sure if they still do that.

Anyone else prefer the branded fuel over the no-name fuel?


because they're getting harder to find around here,
I created an additional search page for it in the "additional weather" section
called Brand Fuel within 12 miles.
It shows your current location and nearest 20 gas stations within about 12 miles based on my preferred list.. then fills in with Kangaroo if nothing else is around.
.. looks like this:

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