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I don't really have a name for my bike, but I kind of feel like it has a personality. I know that a lot of riders refer to their bikes as women (example: "Yup, she's a beauty." or "This baby right here". I would imagine that my bike would be a guy, kind of like a good friend who is always up for going on an adventure. I can't really imagine going on a trip for days on end driving with a woman, we would just get lost and start arguing

how a conversation would go if my bike could talk:

"Hey Fz6, wanna go ride through the canyons all day and try to get my knee down"
"Hell yeah, dude. Let's go!"

"Hey Fz6, do you mind if I put this dumb broad on the back of you in the hopes of getting some ass?"
"Sure thing man. you should try revving the engine every so often, i hear girls like that stuf . Oh me, don't even worry about adjusting my suspension or anything, just go have fun."
"sweet, thanks."

"Hey Fz6, I have a midterm to do, can I just change your oil and chain later?"
"yeah I'm good. Just get around to it sometime this month."

If my bike were a woman, I would probably have to change the oil evey 3000 miles, and then she would get on her period and drain a quart of it every so often .
"Underneath this bucket of rust and bolts beats a heart of pure arthritis"

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