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Originally Posted by bogey78 View Post
Bluetooth pairing still seems like witchcraft to me. I need some help with my Sena setup. I have a Droidx and a midland 75-822 CB. I also have the SMH10 (usb version) and the SR10.

I use my cellphone on the handlebars for phone calls (seldom), streaming tune-in radio, and gps on occasion. Sometimes I ride with some Goldwingers or Harley guys with CBs and hope to use the SR10 and Midland cable to integrate that into my SMH10.

Do I pair the phone with the SR10 or the SMH10? And then hardwire the CB to the SR10? The manuals are pretty good at telling about pairing except when you have multiple sources. Can anyone tell me how to connect both the droid x and the midland CB to the SR10 and SMH10 correctly?

UPDATE: According to Sena website, I should pair the phone to the SR10 via bluetooth and hardwire the Midland to the SR10. Then I should pair the SR10 to the SMH10. Does that sound right?
things with sMH10 changed a couple months ago. Now you can pair your Phone for phone calls, and music to the SMH10, AND pair your SR10 to the SMH10. Then sena should sell a cable that goes between your SR10 and your CB. they were talking about making a universal cable so you could wire it up to any transmitter.
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