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Home to Playa Doņa Ana, Puntarenas. 03Mar13

The Spanish Word for the day is a three for one; one noun and two adjectives.
Viento (n.): WIND
Mucho (adj.): A lot
Demasiado (adj.): Way too f*cking much.

We were supposed to leave at 0600, but the wind was still howling. It had been all night, and it was blowing still with destructive force. So I suggested we wait and let it calm a bit.

So I mentioned the day of I put on Bobby McFerrin’s best song and said, “We leave in one hour, 0700.” Bobby McFerrin did not help in getting us out at 0700, nor had the wind really died down.

0800, departure.

Forty five minutes later we have just come over the mountain, through Atenas, and are beginning the decent down the Pacific slope. We have been shielded from the wind mostly, with only a few short moments out of protection of the mountains. The temps were quite chilly; the dash read 24°C. Also where we stop for breakfast, we meet two couples from Idaho, who I got to talking with, and they made time to ask me if the weather in normal.

The Idahoans were very nice folks and it was the first time I had seen a Ford Explorer with an automatic transmission as a rental vehicle. As they left they dropped us a couple of these.

Breakfast with a view.

Ana and I sat down to gallo pinto with carne en salsa. We each had a pineapple juice and I added two fried eggs and two black coffees to my meal. Total was $17.

As we were eating a small group of Harleys pulled up. 3 Road Kings and two others I know nothing about. They wore matching MC leathers so they were organized. I stepped out to take some pics after the meal and next thing you know more bikes pulled up.

There goes the town. The bikers are here. We got out of there as fast as we could. Actually we stuck around to bullsh*t a tad. Spoke with one gentleman about dreams of Sur America and RTW travel. Nice folks, but no dirt or scratches on their bikes.

We come out of the mountains and find ourselves in San Mateo. We continue ahead, bending in a northward direction towards Esparza. My hand written GSP device is telling me 3.79 Kms ahead I want to take a right onto a gravel road. We found it, and my guide tells me 5kms mās to the river.

We reach a fork where we are to keep right. I notice all the previous traffic has gone left. The road gets sh*ttier and then we come to a much steeper section. I promised my wife nothing like the last time (YBCAGED knows that route too and will never venture off the highway with me anymore). So the decision was made to turn around. We were only 500/600 meters from the goal, but I was also running a rather spent rear tire and… Another day…

This is as far as we went.
Time: 1001. 51.9 Kms so far

We head back to the pavement.

I needed a dehydration and rehydration break so we stopped. Ana is also still bundled up from the mountains and the dash reads 33°C.

Pit stop.

Ana also picked fresh Maraņones.

Back on the road.

Down and through the river again.

And back on the slab.

Passed a bunch of these in the area...must be some good roads around.

We came past this little swimming hole that we must return to. There were tents set up too so we may have to camp too.

Hell yes! There are alturas to jump from too.

But on this day we must move on.

(For nature lovers: In this pic you see “some” bird in it’s natural habitat: flying.)

Time: 1104.
We arrive to our destino final, Playa Doņa Ana.

There are much better beaches in Costa Rica, but this one has all the amenities for only a $3 cover charge.

On top of that, it is close to home. As well the family was waiting for us for a day of R&R.

Meet only a small portion of my extended family.

Kids: My little Joe climbed up there all by himself. He then started calling “Mommy, mommy” and we realized he was unable to get himself down. We took a few minutes of time while he was stationary to start packing up. It was getting late.

All day the wind was relentless. Limbs were breaking off trees and crashing to the ground. One unfortunate soul got bonked and was invited on an ambulance ride to the hospital. Clouds were always looming but now some rather large drops were falling and I had planned an unknown, ADV’ous route home.

Up next: The final leg and how I almost lost my moto to the Transitos .
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