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The thing that moved me over to HID lights was that it would make things so much brighter due to the scatter of light. What if I got a white halogen for the low beam, and the same color in HID for my high beam? I'm typically using my high beam on my way home anyways...
"Scatter of light" is exactly what fellow road users do not want to see from your headlight. To me, that implies sending light where you don't need it and is often the result of mounting an HID bulb in a headlight designed for a filament bulb. The HID arc and the halogen filament are different shapes sizes and possibly orientation. The market seems to be flooded with poor quality retrofit kits so getting a good result requires luck.

HIDs are good for high output at the same or lower power consumption. The light still needs to be aimed at the same place. No scatter. Higher color temps reportedly produce less lumens. I have a 4300k bulb, the lowest I could get, and it looks true white, more blue than yellow.

HID's make poor dedicated high beams. They take time to reach full brightness and excessive restriking the bulb supposedly takes a toll on life.

Bi-xenon projectors are typically what's retrofitted. Essentially they are a high beam with a shutter that frames the light in the pattern of a low beam. The shutter's connected to your high beam switch and flips out of the way when you want high beam. The HID bulb stays on the entire time.

Installation was tricky. Gut the headlight housing. Design a bracket to hold the projector in the housing (might be unnecessary for ADV). I bought a spare headlight to eliminate downtime. Most time consuming was figuring out how I wanted to mount and wire it. In the end, it was very simple.

I like Stern. If you can fix your issue with a better bulb, you've saved yourself a lot of hassle. I'd probably add a relay harness regardless just to ensure the bulbs are getting the max available voltage.
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