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Originally Posted by DRTrev View Post
Must give MB his due though, we were racing through some back water track when there in front of me is this 6' suntanned goddess holding onto a couple of German Shepherds. Obviously out power walking she was wearing hot pants and a singlet......I waved.....naturally..... How does he pick these routes (note the spelling) and have attractive women waiting to wave us through - especially for me, I'm thinking??..
Originally Posted by LC4nicator View Post
C'mon now know this thread is useless without pictures......footage.......a good rendering.......anything FFS!
Originally Posted by DRTrev View Post
I know, i'm buying a drift or a Gopro .
Me too

I just can't believe how many goddesses we've passed on my back water (or lack of it ) tracks over the last few rides

One group of a dozen or so beautiful athletic "Amazon" looking women had war paint on . Nearly ran off the road that time too

Will have to figure out how to guide the camera with my eyes not my head, as I can see regular visits to the physio for sore neck muscles
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