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Originally Posted by Going_Commando View Post
Soo, after doing a bunch of calcs, and figuring pricing versus fuel consumption/hr, buy a 20KW (forget the hot tub on the generator). I didn't realize you had an electric oven before, and load shedding just the AC doesn't really save you enough $$ to mention with the oven in the picture. I figured it was gas, and that thing is a power hog. The load calc for your house comes out to 19,820VA, which equates to 19.8kW, or 83A. If you had gone with a gas oven, and slapped the AC on a load shed module, you could get away with a 10 or 12kW generator, hence why I mentioned 10kW earlier. The Kohler 20kW should only set you back about another $500 over a Generac 20kW, and with that in mind I would go Kohler 6 days a week and twice on Sunday. An Onan 20kW (Cat's ass, bee's knees, Cadillac, etc) is going to cost about $1000 more than the Kohler, but even that, in my opinion, is worth it in every way. When I get my own place in the sticks, it is going to have an Onan for backup power. I have worked on several Onans that are 20, 30, 40, 50 years old, and are still purring along like kittens (really big, noisy kittens ).

Engine work on a Generac is a test in patience and fortitude, so if your Generac needs to be worked on outside of warranty, it is going to be pricey as hell. The Kohler is still easier to take apart than a Generac, but neither can touch the Onan. It looks like Onan hopped on the V-Twin bandwagon, which is really too bad. Their older residential standby generators were boxer twins, and were an absolute breeze to work on. Here are some spec sheets for you to peruse:

If you want, I can PM you some prices, but I am not going to put them up in the public domain for obvious reasons.
20KW eh? At least you and I can share a laugh over that!

Thanks for the info Jeff. I REALLY appreciate it. And I'd be curious as to how the numbers would pan out- if you shoot me some numbers (NO RUSH) that'd be great.

Let me know what kind of beer you like and I'll have some waiting for you next time you visit.
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