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Originally Posted by Warin View Post
Tank Bag.

The only things you want to carry on your body are things that will crush before you do. E.G. Hanky, muesli bars, ear plugs...

The things you want quick access too, and don't want to leave parked on the bike should go into your tank bag. E.G. Phone, wallet, camera, pens and paper, maps, sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm...
Anything carried in a pocket is a potential worse injury. If carried in a jacket pocket is a likely broken rib(s) and the phone will be destroyed anyway. I'm sure glad I had my phone in the tank bag in a 70mph getoff last year. The jacket's spine protector broke 7 of my ribs. Had the phone been carried in the phone pocket of the jacket liner it would have been crushed and I could have added to the broken rib total.
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