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Originally Posted by ducnut View Post
I dropped Cycle World, a couple years ago. There has to be a reason their editors/writers don't stick around.
You obviously don't follow Cycle World's history. David Edwards was there well over 10 years, IIRC ... and current editor Hoyer has been with the mag for over 10 years as well.

I said I did not like this article ... but in general ... I believe Cycle World do a pretty good job. Hey guys, don't shoot the messenger here ... now go ahead, put your head back in the sand.

Originally Posted by klxmack View Post
Ok, the question to ask is how many Kawasaki ads did you see in this issue? Bet you there was no husky ads either.
It's bad business to critique your paying clients.
Have you ever worked in the Moto magazine biz? Obviously not. You have NO IDEA what you're talking about. Total, 100% BS. Husky Ad? Wrong again!

The fact is Kawi don't advertize much in CW, never have. ... but in the issue in question I DO see a full page ad for the Husqvarna Terra!
But the ads were paid for before the sale of Husky and are now appearing
(and have been) for months in every major mag.

Imagine that! Also an ad for BMW (full back page . $$$$ ), also ads from Ducati and Triumph. No ad from Yamaha or KTM. Advertising budgets rarely affect editorial content. Cycle World has the widest distribution of any MC mag in the USA by a large margin.
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