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Originally Posted by JayhawkGSA View Post
After reading several other threads on Gerbings installs I thought I would try one on my 07 GSA. I wanted the install to be as "built in" as possible meaning I wanted al the connectors and controls to look like they belonged there as best as I could manage.

I used a PDM60 module to power everything and installed weatherpack connectors on all the leads so if I ever want to change out gear it will be easy.

Bad picture of the cables running up and the controllers being tested before I install them.

Controls installed and still working.

I am a big fan of shrink tubing and this woven wire loom. It makes it easy to pull wire and offers a lot of protection.

I cut up the tool tray quite a bit and installed plexiglass (painted black) to create a pocket underneath for the Gerbings module. Here you can see the module and the weatherpack connectors I used to connect the barrel jacks.

Here is a shot of the control wire tapped into the diagnostic plug.

And the payoff. Barrel jacks exiting the tool tray. I saved the rubber plugs that came with the Gerbings and will rivet those to the tool tray as well so I can plug up the barrel jacks when not in use.

This is probably not an install for the faint of heart. I pretty much took the Gerbings out of the box and immediately cut all the ends off of all the wires. There is some delicate soldering as well to connect the center pin of the barrel jack without melting the plastic insulator.

I would like advice on a good solution to grounding. Currently I have the PDM60 going straight to the battery but as I add other stuff I need some sort of bus bar to ground things to. I don't want to have 15 wires coming off the battery. I also have no idea where good grounding points are on this bike. So if anyone has a suggestion I am all ears.
Looks like you have it covered. If you use a single lead from the battery to the bus bar it should work as a ground as long as it doesn't corrode.
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