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We had a holiday long weekend so I took the Terra into the southwest of my state. I'm not sure how far it was but I would guess around 2k km's all told.

After a comfortable few hours on the highway I reached the south west coast I used to regularly visit during my youth. The surf breaks around this region are some of the best coastal breaks in the country. I spent the afternoon visiting surf breaks. Unfortunately it was pancake flat.

I then met up with some mates & we headed further east down the coast. Plenty of dirt roads in between us and our destination with some fantastic scenery too. Winding forest roads - awesome!

I was extremely cautious with the Terra for the 1st day of dirt roads. It's new. I love it. I didn't want to kill it. Plus I was only carrying a basic supply of tools. Wherever the Terra felt a bit loose, it was the same spots as the guys on the KTM's felt it too. Cool - it's not just the Terra then.

The next day & more dirt roads and perhaps a better feel for the bike. More speed! This bike just eats the miles. I didn't expect to love it on the dirt as much as I do.

Two more days of blacktop riding with other friends and I was home again. Tired for sure but with one big smile on my face. Mates, bikes, whiskey & conversation .

I totally love this bike. Comfort on the blacktop & comfort on the pea gravel. Next is to put some knobblies on it and some crash bars and take it deeper into the bush.
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