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Worst two-wheel crash I've ever been in, I was glad i had my phone. This is before I had a smartphone, I had some kind of cheap Cricket phone, wasn't even a flip phone just a tiny screen, buttons, all one piece with a faceplate that would come off, buttons that would come off too.

I broke my right hand in that crash. In several places. I had to find all the parts to the phone, put it back together one handed, and call someone.

Now, my Ballistic-case clad Motorola smart phone would be a different story. I carry it in my chest pocket, since I doubt I will be landing flat on my chest unless I faceplant and remember to hold my arms rigidly at my sides. It then only has two snaps on the pocket, and I can get it out and call for help. The phone has already survived some pretty good whacks and drops onto a concrete floor. Fortunately, I have not yet had the pleasure of wiping out my KLR on the road so I can test how tough the phone is.
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