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I don't really get the impression that the CB1100 has been a big seller to date, although I'm guessing that it's done better in Japan than in Australia. Which causes to me to be all the more surprised that Honda has finally decided to sell the bike in Europe and North America. Perhaps it has something to do with the success of the Triumph Bonneville in these markets? I really don't know. But the timing does seem to be right given the fact that the retro market appears to be doing well, and if anything, to be gaining momentum.

Just the same, I don't want to over analyze things and would rather simply relish in the fact that they are finally going to make this bike available here in the USA. I get the impression that many within Honda are particularly proud of the CB1100 and what it represents. Not that they aren't proud of every model that they end up releasing, but some models just seem to be more of a stretch for them than others from a logistics standpoint. I got the same impression when it came to the Hawk GT.

It's almost like the guys who design and build the bikes get a chance to do what they want to do every once in a while regardless of what the marketing team or the accounting folks think. The bikes that strike me that way are typically the true gems in my eye.
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