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Originally Posted by FR700 View Post
I can visualize that. Thanks for the clarification.

Looking forward to seeing progress pictures to see your ideas come to life.

For reference purposes , I made two adapters for my K series bm'. The first one steel as I had nothing to compare it to from first hand experience. The second one from alloy. The weight/inertia difference is noticeable. Not a deal killer , but there none the less which could be addressed by using a lighter rim.

These were used in conjunction with the same 15x4 steel rim.

I certainly agree that unsprung weight needs to be kept to a minimum, But as with everything sidecar compromises have to be made. Not being an engineer I worry more about strength, Ie losing a bit of performance against sudden failed is no contest.
Have you ever checked a wire wheel against a stock bike alloy ? I suspect the alloy will weigh more.
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