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My first really big trip, I stopped and bought one of those skinny vinyl covered cables with the loops on each end, and a small padlock, so I could thread some stuff onto it, run it through the sleeves of my riding jacket, etc., for a bit of deterrence when stopping at nature attractions and such where a guy finds himself walking out of sight of the bike. I also purchased a Masterlock big ass cable lock to chain the bike up at a couple questionable motels..

Oh, and because I ride a KLR, I bought some oil. Walgreens Drug has the cutest little aluminum MSR type bottle for 2.99 that is sort of a stumpy version of the taller cousin, works great to carry a bit of extra oil. Or an aluminum flask from the licker store.....

But that's pretty much a given. Couple tablespoons of oil a day when pushing the 70 MPH stuff here/there.
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