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The Terra

Magazines schmagazines....I have commented once jere this bike, went and test rode one....Went back and bought one....whats my experience with dual sport bikes ? Well other than having been in the business selling in a 4 line dealership I got to ride about everything that came from Japan.....I'm too aware of the short comings of the DR, the KLR the XR and the various Yamahas that have been set up for the road....
Now then the Terra comes along and its short comings have been listed....or are they from my limited time on the road and in the outback of Eastern,N.C. I have had a ball on it.
So its a 5 speed if you are in the woods is 5th or 6th a decision ? and the brakes are very good w/ steel braided lines from the factory....The suspenders seem fine to me ....I'm not about to set our to cross any major desert soon but the Terra doesn't nose dive like the others I have mentioned stops so much good for suspension.....and brakes
I don't have to fiddle around with carbs with the Fi and so far its been spot on....heavy it may be but that will no doubt be beneficial on the road where this bike of mine will no doubt be spending a lot of its time.
Would I drop 8, 9, 10k on a play toy bike no but working with my dealer we came to an agreed price and the deal was done. I am awaiting a few accessories to come available for the Terra like the racks from the Terra Formers and some nice bags for it and a few other itemsd and I'll be a happy camper so far so good will I want totrade up for a different bike any time soon...I don't think so it hits a happy place for me....price point, seat height and its handling is okie may not be the right fit for a hard core entheuseist but for me I'm diggin my new Terra
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