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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
This Comparo is not yet posted on line, probably in a few weeks.

The Terra got decidedly mixed reviews in this latest Comparo. CW took a weird mix of bikes and screwed up a number of things (IMHO), but surprisingly even Jimmy Lewis was critical of the Terra. They used this weird survivalist post apocalyptic theme to underscore the whole test.
Nonesense, IMHO.

Bikes tested and how they finished:
1. KLR650
2. KTM 990 Baja
3. Yamaha R1200 Tenere
4. TR650 Terra
5. T800XC Tiger

A few Key quotes:

Jesse Ziegler (Dirt Rider staff writer)
" ... The KLR is really easy to ride off road ... despite rubber covered footpegs, it's really a dirt bike chassis and feels like one".

"Not far behind, but much less confidence inspiring, was the Husky."
(refers to ON ROAD behavior)

Jimmy Lewis:
" ... The TR's handling is a bit awkward. The bike has lot of weight on the front wheel and feels unstable at high speed." (Lewis's comment refers to ON ROAD handling, not off road)

Further comments deride the Terra for lack of weather protection and highway capability at speed and short range. They had cold weather and sounds like they'd rather be on Gold Wings than dual sports. The KLR rated high everywhere, a huge surprise to me, having owned one. It out did the Terra every where but in deep sand and more technical rocky tracks.

But remember the theme of this "Comparo" was a sort of ridiculous post apocalyptic theme, with a survivalist tone, IMHO, not a valid way to pick a good dual sport ... but hey, I guess that gets the ratings.

The Terra rated next to last. Here are some final comments:
Just a few more modifications would have vaulted the TR650 into the mix.
"It's a dirtbike wth blinkers and luggage - sort of," said Ziegler. "It was like cheating in the sand and rocks. It's maneurverable and fun and makes a really good dual sport bike, but in this comparison, its on-road shortcomings stood out too much. It's not a survival bike. "

My personal view is that staff need to grow a pair!

In terms the getting through the Mojave (where I've ridden since age 14)
I'd pick the Terra every time. As a RTW bike? Dunno. Loncin motor is still unproven.

The KTM rated high everywhere yet came in 2nd to the KLR because it's high tech nature did not jive with the theme of the comparo. Stupid, IMO.

Anyway, there it is. It is, IMO, a poorly done article of little value. Just thought you guys would need something to reinforce that the press does not always get it right.
Our national debt is now OVER $16,664,000,000,000* so an actual Zombie apocalypse may not be a problem but, a collapse of the dollar is very possible. Add to that the chance of yet another war in oil country & the tankers could stop rolling. I'm actually shocked that the number crunchers have been able to hold the house of cards togeather as long as they have.

The KLR is hands down the best bike of the 5 that were compared, if the number crunchers ever lose their magic or gas gets hard to find. I was surprised that the Terra scored so low but, IMO it was more due to the Terra being a first year model (making replacement parts hard to find), the fact that it may already be an orphan & wrenching on it is a bit more technical than a KLR.

Perhaps cycleworld just wanted to cash in on the popularity of shows like "Doomsday preppers" or maybe they just wanted to try a different angle to the old beat to death formula of moto journalism. I enjoyed the article & I'm glad more people are becomming aware of the fact that maybe the party isn't going to last forever. Mainstream media is only talking about such things because they realize that there is a segment of "consumers" that are thinking that way.

I know it seems silly to get worked up over a $16,664,000,000,000 plus debt but, mankind has always had it's irrational "the sky is falling" segment.

*Source -
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