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Originally Posted by greenjeans View Post
Iv'e had several people ask me the same ?, usually i'm in some small town at the end of a long day securing whatever good beer i can find, it's happened maybe 3 times....i wear a darien hi viz jacket...the comment/question is always something like..."where's the fire" i guess i look like a 1st responder....
I found the very same in every small town I've ever stopped with my high-vis cold-weather jacket.

I'll tell ya, while for city use I still appreciate the jacket, the next time I go touring small-towns in Florida, or for an extended trip through states, I will be buying a grey jacket (maybe even the same make/model)... because I do find it a bit embarrassing when out on two-lane roads that have so little traffic crossing them that it wouldn't make much of a difference.

The only benefit I've found from it, out and away from suburbia, is that when I and an 8 or 10 year old showed up at the 7-11's men's room door at the same time, he let me go in first because he thought I was a fireman.
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