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Yikes! Glad to see you are okay Joe! I watched the video and followed the thread for a while, didn't realize who the rider was until you came on here and claimed it.

For the people questioning technique or skills, I have a few comments. First, having ridden with Joe a few times, he is not just a casual rider and takes that bike places most would not consider taking any bike, let alone a loaded DR650. I don't think covering brake and clutch would have made much difference in the short distance to react, too much momentum between the bike and luggage. That really changes the dynamics of the bike and the braking system.

Second, riding on "alert" like that all the time is okay when you are out for an afternoon ride, but not something like the TAT. Not saying you are not paying attention, but you ride much less aggressively and your technique changes a little bit. You go into that "alert" mode when you think it is necessary, but it's not realistic to stay at that level all the time. Having my own TAT experience last year on the eastern TAT to the OK/NM border, I can tell you that day after day of 10+ hour riding days over all sorts of terrain wears on you. Most of us have done long day trips or weekend rides, but try putting those back to back for days or weeks and it really changes the equation. You have to manage your energy and evaluate the trail and decide how aggressive to be. If you have been riding through similar terrain all day without issue, it is pretty easy to misread a 50' section of trail.

Glad to see you doing well Joe, wish I could be at the Mendo Rally again this year so we could ride together. I learned a lot trying to follow you on some of those goat trails! If you find your way over to Montana, give me a shout, I've got a parking spot and a cold beer here with your name on it!

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