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Dashboard Revisited

I finally had some free time to mess around with the Murph this week, and decided to use it to make the dashboard a little more maintenance-friendly. The switches I put in were done in a bit of a hurry and were wired directly from the solder points on the switch contacts to the terminal block below the seat. Even if those wires were to be quickly separable, the dash electronics are still interfaced to the bike through various harnesses and connectors of all different lengths and orientations. Separating the dash from the bike is a huge pain, and I aim to change that. When this is done there will be a new harness running the length of the frame and interfacing the dash to the system. The dash will separate from the bike cleanly, any wiring that stays with the dash will do so without hanging loosely.

First I snipped all the switch wires, labeling the ends resident on the bike as I went.

I began crimping sockets to the switch wires on the dashboard, installing them into the Weidmuller connector and recording pinouts. Next I would cut the OEM harnesses and plan for their installation into the connector.

The OEM harnesses for left and right handlebar controls fit into the 24 pin Weidmuller along with the conductors for the turn signals. Still Have room left for three out of four switches, but I want to wait and use yellow insulated wires. The goal here, other than of course keeping the wiring compact and neat, was to zip tie the conductors in such a way that the Weidmuller connectors will act as though affixed to the dashboard back panel.

On the other side I connected the dashboard wiring and indicator lights. Cutting the leads attached to the Vapor Gauge didn't turn out to be a standard operation, there was some sort of nylon inside the casing, and as small as the wires were it seemed less damaging to just melt it away rather than try to cut it. I still don't know if the gauge power and transducer signals will come through okay, but I can only find out by finishing the project. Got my fingers crossed. I trimmed and connected the battery gauge.

** These are here only as a personal reference **

Next I prepared to build the large control harness that would reconnect the dash to the overall machine, starting with the left and right signal connectors.

I passed the indicator signals through the 36 pin Weidmuller connector and bundled them to the left and right control signal harnesses.

I cut the yellow insulated wires to what I hope will prove to be an excessive length. I need to run about twelve more conductors to serve as spares before I can button this thing up, and while I hate stopping in the middle to wait for more wire, I believe it would be worse to need signals later and have to deconstruct or bypass the whole harness. The two large sections of shrink tube furthest to the left will just serve as guides, I'll shrink them in place to help create a solid form. The two to the right will act as end caps on a heat resistant fiberglass exhaust wrap. Once all the conductors are in place, the wrap will cover them from the front to a point just past the engine.

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