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Originally Posted by RxZ View Post
SimCity is the first game I have owned that requires you to be online to play. So far, I do not like it (not the game, the online DRM). I was not able to play much yesterday due to issues, and I can not play now. All games are saved to their servers, not on my PC. I started three games last night, then had to start over due to their server issues when the games did not save when I closed the game. I know this is not the first time a game has had this type of DRM, and every other example I know of has had these same issues upon game launch. My question, is why? Everyone knew this was going to be a popular game, its not like the initial server load was going to be a surprise. In a few weeks I am certain the resources allocated to the game will suffice, but for now...
I have a buddy that works for EA (he's on the C&C team) and he was lamenting about this just this morning. EA does this to themselves with every big game launch.
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