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Originally Posted by tvpierce View Post
Who says it's not fashionable?

There is a difference here - he carries his firearm in his.

My firearm is in not so safe a place for a motorcycle get-off (inside the waistbelt).

Plus who the hell is gonna notice a fanny pack mounted there when you're on a bike? Or is this a thread about looking good at Starbucks in your riding gear?

Originally Posted by SinPrisa View Post
Seriously Dude? At any given moment on a ride you have solid steel objects, weighing several thousands of pounds, hurling at you from all directions, most of them traveling well beyond the speed limit; At least one said objects is operated by a driver that is either high on meth, texting on a cell phone, or both; And at the same time, some kid from the suburbs who just got his license and a brand new Camaro is passing traffic in the opposite lane, illegally, over a double yellow line, around a blind curve, up hill, just because he heard that they are casting in his neighborhood for “The fast and the furious 27”;


I would suggest putting it in your lingerie drawer or in the pocket of your best skirt.
I agree, but even more - and I haven't written this yet, but I've been thinking it - I'd rather my, say, hip bone lands on my cell phone before hitting pavement. Cell phones are layered, and it would at least absorb just a tiny bit more of the impact than if one wasn't there. it could actually help out for an impact, but then it would be destroyed.

The only question, then, is where or how to have it on you without detroying it during a get-off. And for that, my friends, I still suggest either an upper pocket or a fanny-pack on the front.
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