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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
Sorry Spanky but that is not the way forums work. You have your opinion... I have mine. Neither negates the other. Yes it is up to the rider doing the pulling.

Having two couples (both riding Gold Wings pulling Trailers) die on Lolo pass because they were pulling trailers and had a momentary loss of rear tire traction when they rolled over some Granite Dust that had blown down off the hill... Causing them to fishtail right into the path of an oncoming tuck before they could gather it back up and get back in their lane. Two separate incidents within 3 weeks of each other. 4 people needlessly dead (plus one seriously injured driver of a dually truck) all due to pulling a trailer.

Good for you that you have pulled a trailer for thousands of miles successfully. I am sure these dead people and many others said the same thing UNTIL things went wrong and now they are dead.

So Yes... Pulling a trailer with a motorcycle is just great... UNTIL IT ISN'T.

I will continue to warn riders of the folly of it. I do not tell them they can't do it. That is their choice. I do not tell them it can't be done. It is done by many... I will tell them that it doesn't always go as planned and when things go wrong the results can be deadly.

And just so you know I have pulled a trailer with a bike and it only anchors in my mind that it is not a smart thing to do with a motorcycle.

So, you keep telling them how it is safe and I'll keep warning them "... Until it's not"
gotta agree with you no this of my customers had pulled a trailer for years with no problems. then it suddenly fishtailed causing them to wreck. both were hurt badly. she will never get back on a bike. he still rides but preaches to everyone to not pull a trailer. my cousin pulls one, my neighbor pulls one, me... i''ll load the hell out of my bike and if i cant' fit it on i'll leave it home.
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