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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
Nice. A black one and a red one. I know from experience that the black one will be a lot harder to keep clean than the red one. I was planning on a white 2012 model, but got a white 2012 Zuma 125 instead. Hopefully you will not have to be here in the summer. It's pretty nice now, but it will be an inferno in the summer. I'm stuck with it year round.
Hi Jerry,

No, we don't plan to be in the Phoenix area in the summer. We travel quite a bit, and try to stay where "the weather suits our clothes." We plan to be in the San Juan Islands (Washington State) for the summer - these little Hondas should be fun for island hopping on the ferry.

The Blonde got to have first choice on which one she wanted. I currently have a black V-Strom, so the red was my choice anyway. It is dusty here in the Valley of the Sun; and these will be sleeping outside since we are in our RV while here. I have a small California Duster that will get a workout on both bikes.

With one day of scooter riding under my belt, I think this is going to be a lot of fun. Hoping that isn't the novelty of it talking.

Thanks again for your suggestions, especially regarding Western Honda. Good folks. Buying these was as easy as riding them.

Best wishes,
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