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Originally Posted by RxZ View Post
SimCity is the first game I have owned that requires you to be online to play. So far, I do not like it (not the game, the online DRM). I was not able to play much yesterday due to issues, and I can not play now. All games are saved to their servers, not on my PC. I started three games last night, then had to start over due to their server issues when the games did not save when I closed the game. I know this is not the first time a game has had this type of DRM, and every other example I know of has had these same issues upon game launch. My question, is why? Everyone knew this was going to be a popular game, its not like the initial server load was going to be a surprise. In a few weeks I am certain the resources allocated to the game will suffice, but for now...
SimCity will not be on my list, ever, because of the always online requirement. It's not the first EA game I've ignored.

It won't be the last.
I'm done.
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