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Originally Posted by Lomax View Post
I am putting this in randomness for advice, or to see how others feel. When I make a decicison I will put it where it belongs.

As I have way to many bikes and don't seem to get around to riding most of them a lot, I am thinking about downsizing the fleet and getting something new or newer to be used as a primary bike.

I am thinking about selling my 2004 R1150RT, 2007 R1200GS, 2007 XR650L or 89 XL600V, and 89 GB 500 and get a new or newer R1200GS or Stelvio. This would leave me with a newer big GS bike, my R100RS, KTM 450EXC and a mid size dirt bike.

It would save hundreds a year on insurance and license plates and give me less to maintain.

Am I an ID10T for thinking about this or am I finally coming into reality with my habit.

Hit me with your best shot.

My best advice would be to ask yourself some real hard questions about how you got the bikes you have and yet are not satisfied. If you don't know that, you will just get a garage full again and STILL not be satisfied.

Some people like getting bikes, playing with them a bit and flipping them. They are getting what they want and are satisfied and having fun. other people are actually looking for something in the bikes themselves. I sense this in your post because you describe particular roles that each of your bikes will fulfill. Are the roles real or things that you believe will materialize if you just had the right bike? (hint: don't work that way). If the roles are real then why don't the rides you have now fulfill them? pointless to get anything else if you don't know exactly what is wrong with what you got.

Understand my view is slanted by my own style. I only have one bike. I can concieve of having two for different purposes but the second would be an experiment to see if I enjoyed its role. I have only ever owned 4 bikes. I learned to ride on the first, after a year or so figured I'd die on it so got the second. Had that one about 20 years and then kinda fell into a deal on the third. That one proved annoying after a year so got the forth and it's looking like another 20+ years with it.

I do however change things so my bike is ever evolving to be just exactly what I want.
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