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Originally Posted by TexaNate View Post
Hey all,

First of all, great thread, I'm learning a lot. I've tried searching for this issue but I haven't been able to find the answer, so here goes...

I bought my '08 WR250R used at 5,000 miles with the EXUP valve removed, airbox mod done and the complete FMF system (header, tailpipe and power programmer). The check engine light was on (continuously) but this didn't worry me since that's what happens when you do those engine mods.

However, last I rode the light started flashing at a rate of roughly one second per flash. Then it went off entirely. Then it came back on again and went back to flashing.

It happens in all kinds of situations, on-road and off, at all rev ranges, speeds and throttle levels. I don't know if the fuel pump was replaced but it works fine after nearly 5 years and 5,000 miles (I try not to run it low on gas). Everything else seems to work as it should. The computer throws no error codes, the engine gives plenty of power and the bike is a blast. I've changed the chain recently and after parsing all the competing scholarly sources on setting the slack, I think I have it set OK. Last oil change was 600 miles ago and I clean/swap the air filter every 3-400 miles (more if dirty/dusty). What does a flashing check engine light mean? Should I worry?

Thanks for any wisdom you might offer!

Get the code checked?
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