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Originally Posted by alphajory View Post
As it gets closer for me to replace the 990 i have started to think what would i replace it with. over the past couple of years there have been several new manufactures entering into the adventure market and a few new choices.

Important to me, not in any specific order, weight, range, fuel, serviceability, the ability to go off road. The new model falls short in a couple of the areas, as well now i would get to pay more for insurance due to the larger displacement. But it might be happier parked next to the beemer at starbucks on the weekend coffee run.

So what other options are there, triumph, moto guzzi, ducati, yamaha, or the BMW all made primarily for the road based adventure touring.
so for now i will keep the 990 do the maintenance and continue to enjoy the ride until something better comes around.
+1. The 1190 is just too much for my needs. I'd much prefer something in the 750-800cc range with styling cues from Dakar bikes. After getting the 1190 on the street, I'm hoping that KTM goes back and develops a bike that competes directly with the 800cc market. The most appealing bike to me anywhere right now is the KTM 690 with the Defy Quest modifications:

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