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A few words about shipping a moto back to NA from SA.

I like Javier and Sandra at DakarMotos and they did what they said they would do. They arranged the shipping and told me where and how to pay for it.

Then things go sideways. You pay for the bike at Navcon in Downtown BA. They are some sort of freight forwarder. The waybill gives a flight number date and time. Don't believe it. The actual carrier, Lan Cargo Chile was six days moving the bike. That to me is unacceptable. I was never told this was a possibility. I was told a one day extra wait has happened in the past but never more and I went ahead and booked a flight and made plans accordingly.

I'm not sure what to suggest to avoid this but I would like to have had a deliver by (date) promise, where if they fail to meet the date, you at least get a partial refund. 6 days in South Florida, combined with a car rental can easily cost as much as a month in SA.

In any case the agent in Miami saw that the bike had been delayed six days and apologized profusely, not that that helps much after the fact but he did put a rush on to get my Customs paperwork and US Customs was a breeze. They never even looked at the bike. The fact that it was dirty never came into question. All they wanted to know was that, that I had bought the moto in Canada and that I in fact intended to return the Moto to Canada. I filled out a couple short forms and was done with Customs in 20 minutes.

Next will be a report about arriving home, and the party and that will put a cap on the Ride Report. I've enjoyed writing it and I've enjoyed all your kind words and submissions and encouragement in the rough spots.

Advrider has been my link to the outside world all thses many months and i will miss making daily updates. Maybe a book based on adventure riding is what I need.

Not sure what's next. Time will tell.


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