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Escaping Big Bend Park! TX

What is really in a Title? Not much when a week goes on with so many activities. So much so that an escape to Big Bend Park became a must only to feel invaded by the mega Tourists and escape within such little time spend. Spring Break is around the corner, I should know better, will have to be patient for another 10 days or so. Yet in Terlingua, surrounded by familiar faces, the Music goes on. This time around was a Classical Music Quartet with an unusual and very funny opening monologue and a contemporary piece ending the encore. It is that time however to as I call it “tighten up” and organize some order so we can leave sooner than later. Little details while Internet is present in profusion, moving hundreds of Gigabytes of footage of videos and photos from one space to another, catching up on some e mails, maintenance, once a year the list goes on and on and seems to be greater than the year before as much as I try to keep all so simple. It is a bit like an invasion wondering where all this “stuff” and “chores” came from! There is no escape.
Enjoy the videos, there are a few.

Be well, always.

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