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The green light on the charger is on but it no longer turns red to indicate charging when plugged in. It also doesn't charge so it makes sense it's not turning red.

Where do I start?

First I'm going to try to swap out some batteries and try to charge.

This behavior is most likely because the charger is not connecting to the batteries in some way. The charger senses the battery and changes the light color based on how much current the batteries are drawing.

The problem is not bad batteries as that would result in the light staying red since they will never stop drawing current.

I would start with the connector from the charger into the bike. Wiggle it around a bit and see if the light changes colors. If so then your charger has a bad wire.

After that I would trace the lines from the charger port on the bike to the batteries and look for loose or broken connections.

I would also check each battery connection and make sure nothing has come loose or become unreliable.

I would say that it is 95% likely that you have a loose connection in the charge path.

If that doesn't get it then let me know and I will dig a little deeper.
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