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It's come to my attention that there is another Helmet-Hook available on this site. Very cool to see more options for bike parts out there. The name sounds oddly similar to my part, but what yah gonna do.

I read of there being concerns about the strength of the Helmet-Hooks not "holding their weight" so to speak. Whether the concern is Cable Ties holding the hook on your bike, or if it's the fact that the Helmet-Hook is made out of plastic. All very valid concerns, so allow me to help with giving you some info.

Quick Background, I work in the Injection Mold industry. I have been making molds for 10+ years, and have been designing molded parts for 5+ years. I've dealt with just about everything under the sun when it comes to Injection Molds, Machining, and Plastics.

I took more time than I should have to design the Helmet-Hook, but that's life & product design. I CNC'd many prototypes before I settled on the final design. At which point I manufactured the Injection Mold. I ran the mold on our Arburg molding machines and have been more than thrilled with how everything came out.

I chose Nylon 6/6 as the material of choice for the Helmet-Hook. Keys to me were that it must not bend under the weight of the helmet and it MUST not get brittle in the cold. While there were a few other choices out there, Nylon was the best fit, especially with it's ability to take to color additives so well.

Fixturing to the bike, I chose Cable Ties. I know many may think "How can you trust your 500$ helmet to lowly Cable Ties!!", well quite honestly each Cable Tie included is rated at holding 50# of weight. The Helmet-Hook includes 3 of these Cable Ties. If your helmet manages to break one of these Cable Ties when you put it on there, contact me and I'll send out some fresh zip-ties to you.

If you don't want to use Cable Ties, there are some phenomenal 3M double sided tape options (think GoPro mounts) available that will hold your helmet, and probably an elephant too.

If you have any suggestions for changes to the Helmet-Hook, let me know. The current design is good, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. If you have any questions, let me know.

Until then,

Happy Roosting!

Andrew @ Helmet-Hook
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