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I dont understand all these keyboard commandos who come in here and shit on the guys who make mistakes. Yeah, he fucked up- shit happens.

I started off on a 79 Sportster. It was a huge piece of crap that spent all its time broken down, but whatever. Eventually after I joined the Navy, I decided to rent a bike. Went to the harley dealer and asked about a Sportster- rented out. What do you have? Vrod and Ultra Glide. I took the Vrod, and I hadnt ridden any bike in months, much less that powerful or heavy.

3 hours later im in the twisties up in the SoCal mountains. I came into a turn what I thought was too fast and ended up putting my right foot down in some ridiculous attempt to fix the fact that I was headed for a bunch of trees. I target fixated on them and was headed for them and my death. At the last second I snapped into the right mindset, looked waaaay left into the turn and drug that Vrods pegs all the way through the turn.

The point? I fucked up just like this guy. I learned something from it, and hopefully so did he. Give the guy a break
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