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You might ponder this with the sewing guy "Brady" under vendors. He is a wiz at sewing custom stuff up, crash bar bags, tool bags, document bags, custom gear bags, etc. If you could find the proper armored container, small pelican, etc., Brady could dream you up a shoulder holster for it or something, thigh pack like the SWAT guys wear, something. He is very affordable and has totally anal attention to detail.

Consider that you are plowing ground here for others potentially with the same concern. I have the CPAP issue, and have helped other guys find or rig 12 volt equipment and alternate battery rigs on a budget for motorcycle camping. It never occurred to me to profit from it, I was always happy enough just helping out another rider or pointing them to the right sources. Heck, a guy on a Harley forum gave me some great ideas that I still use and share.

Turns out that there are lots of Harley types with the sleep disorder, go figger.

Link to Brady the sewing guy:

I would also have a look at Aerostich and Twisted Throttle, something container-wise or bag-wise might give you an idea, or might really lend itself to the situation.
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