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Granada and South

The volunteer firemen or Bomberos were putting on a demonstration in the square. It was quite exciting to see them. They met up, had a pep rally, and then all jumped in their trucks and took off. About 5 min later they came screaming back with lights and sirens going. Then it was a race to see which of the three teams could get their water hoses going fastest.

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We also came across a large procession walking thru the streets. The Priest was leading the group of men carrying the Jesus Cristos and followed by a band.

DSC07540 by Worldwide, on Flickr

This is a hip and happening place especially on the main street on a Friday night. The cafes and restaurants are packed.

IMG_1507 by Worldwide, on Flickr

We ran into a large group of riders from Edelweiss tours. Their 2-week trip is mostly in Costa Rica, but they came for a few days to visit Granada. We also saw them when we were crossing the border.

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We have also been to Isla Ometepe before, so we will not go again, but it is a not to be missed trip to these two islands formed by the two volcanoes in the massive lake Nicaragua. There is a nice hot spring on the way to Merida on the south island where there is a good hostel Hacienda Merida right on the lake.

Heading out of Granada you pass a number of very colorful churches and the massive cemetery filled with ornate tombs.

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These people in the truck were all taking pictures of us with their cell phones!

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