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San Juan del Sur Nicaragua

Heading south to Costa Rica we stopped for a visit back to San Juan del Sur and not much has changed since we were here in 2009.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 11.51.46 AM by Worldwide, on Flickr

DSC05255 by Worldwide, on Flickr

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Thanks Orvar for the tip on the hotel with great parking. We ran into a Honduran tour group Maya tours here too.

DSC05288 by Worldwide, on Flickr

The seafood here is really amazing.

DSC05272 by Worldwide, on Flickr

DSC05292 by Worldwide, on Flickr

Big D finally bought a new pair of sunglasses for 5$. He and Garry Dymond had bodge glued his current pair of riding glasses in Mexico in October!

DSC05273 by Worldwide, on Flickr

Why is sunset so special? They are not all the same for sure and I will never get tired of them. Sunrise is a whole other story.

DSC05274 by Worldwide, on Flickr

DSC05279 by Worldwide, on Flickr

DSC05287 by Worldwide, on Flickr

Summary of Nicaragua experience.

This country has come a long way since the revolution and is on the verge of breaking out. This place has nothing but up side. It is less expensive by far than El Salvador and Costa Rica, and is the “safest” country in Central America. There is a ton of great riding off of the Pan Americana! There a gorgeous spots that see few tourists and rarely over-landers. We met a lot over very friendly locals. In 2009 we had seen a lot of police check points. This trip our only police stop was in the middle of absolutely nowhere somewhere after Muy Muy. They asked for the bike registration and we said “seriously” and they said ok don’t worry about it and told us to keep going.

Next another border crossing

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