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Originally Posted by greer View Post
Back to the kick-start option--- a DR-Z400 with the ACT wide ratio gear set?? You could swap front sprockets to suit dirt or slab. I just wanted to throw that out there since I'm sort of taken by the notion myself.

In three years on my DRZ400E it never failed to start and the original battery was never replaced. If someone does something stupid, leaves ignition and headlight on or cranks and cranks and cranks when fuel is shut off ... well, can't blame the battery for that.

I looked closely at doing the conversion when I bought my DRZ E new in 2001. It was very cheap ($200) and the dealer could do the job in two days. I passed and am glad I did. Just not needed.

If you ever have a problem or batt is getting a bit low ... just unplug your headlight (30 seconds) or put in a switch. This will ensure batt is fully charged in short order. That all said .... in deep sand or mud the DRZ is tough to bump start.

Most novice riders screw up and run down their battery after a tip over. The bike is flooded and they don't know the technique for restarting after a fall. The longer the bike lays there ... the more severe the flooding.

If you fall ... FIRST ... turn off fuel, turn off key. Next, get bike on its wheels ASAP. Next: Hold throttle wide open ... to the stop. Hold it there, do NOT modulate it. Crank it over.
It will take several turns but should start up with some sputtering.

Off Road Four Stroke Starting Lesson 101.
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