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First thanks for all the help. My findings are as follows.

I started trying to figure this out by removing the recharge plug and the battery harness. I'm not great with a multimeter but can get by on some issues. I checked resistance on every section of every wire both positive and negative. Then I connected the recharge plug into the battery wire harness and checked resistance further down the circuit. No issues and found resistance where there was supposed to be. Added batteries to the circuit and plugged in the charger. GREEN light, damn!

Checked the batteries to see if they were okay and got 13v and 13v. Connected them together to check the connector wire and got 26v. Batteries checked.

I have some 36v Oset stuff and added the third battery and plugged in the 36v charger. GREEN light, damn!

Decided to put all three batteries on my motorcycle charger and come inside and ask you all for my next move. Wife was on the computed so I waited and was thinking things through. BAM, 26v's????

A 24v system doesn't need to be charged when its at 26v. GREEN light. Okay, if I do not have a charging issue then what do I have?

The throttle was beat up pretty bad on this thing and so I started there. Used my spare 36v throttle, plugged it in and the wheel starts spinning.

It turns out the throttle was not passing on the voltage giving me a false dead battery indication and no movement. I therefore was trying to charge a system that didn't need to be charged.

Now it works but I get an empty indication on the battery indicator. I can live with that.

Thanks again all.
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