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Touratech temp sensor

Not sure if this is the section I need to be posting this in but figured I'd give it a shot and see if someone has some experience with this.

I'm thinking about buying this temperature sensor in M12x1.25:

My reason for needing this is actually for my Nissan Xterra and not the bike. My transmission pan has a drain plug that is M12x1.25 and I want to replace the drain plug with a temperature sending unit. The problem is that NO ONE seems to make a sending unit that fits that. Well, touratech just so happens to make one, it's not for a car but it's still a temp sensor. Now, I emailed them and they said it is used in conjunction with their IMO computers.
What I am wondering is if I can just run a wire from this sensor to a gauge to monitor my transmission fluid temps. I know some senders are calibrated so I'm wondering if anyone has used this sensor in their own set up to see if maybe it works with any other type of gauge than just the OEM set ups.
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