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Originally Posted by BHW View Post
Just curious, but what did those motomags weigh in comparison to Skyways?

I bought a set of Skyways once, many years ago. I saved for months, and when I finally got to the closest bicycle shop, all they had in stock, were pink ones! And I had a pearl white bike....with pink Skyways! It was a 60 mile drive (each way) to the nearest bike shop back then, and no way was I waiting!

I've seen a set of 24" Skyways for sale locally, and would REALLY love to put them on my Mongoose.
The Motomags were heavier than the Tuffs (especially the Tuff II's). Also, the smaller spokes, the ones between the main spokes, broke easily if knocked against other bikes, rocks, etc. Back in the day I built up a bike for my younger brother using a broken pair of Moto's, and I cut out the remaining small spokes and also drilled out the main spokes to lighten the wheels up a bit.
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