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Originally Posted by kyre View Post
Does any one happen to have passenger grab rails for sale? My 2000 yellow VFR didn't come with them... There was an aftermarket seat on it and didn't even realize they were missing. Seat cowl too.

Any Tire recommendations?
Fark welcome to my nightmare!
It took me 3 months to locate a set. I rang nearly every wrecking yard in Australia every second week, I had a friend in the UK do the same for me over there and we were both constantly looking at ebay, gumtree, craigslist etc.

He did find one set after a month, however they wanted over 100 pounds EACH for them. Picked up a good pair from the uk for $110AUD delivered.

Seat cowl? Even harder to find. Best option is get some cheap chinese copy, dont worry about the colour, and get it sprayed to match your bike.
A bike I looked at a while ago had a chinese copy, and whilst fit and form were very good, the colour was way off.

Tyres? well I'll leave that up to someone else. Ive only put 4k on my bike, with 300km of those on new Michelin road pilot 2.

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