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525 vs 500

Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
Good call on the bicycle inner tube. Bill what did you source for the fuel line sheathing? My fuel line was only rubbing on the cables but with a larger tank we'll see how the fuel line routing changes.

After the re-mapping of the ECU I took the bike out for a decent spin today. I rode a 525 (570 piston, Hotcams, unshrouded head, oversize valves, etc.) for years and the two bikes have completely different motors. The lighter crank weight of the 500 is really noticeable, it picks up RPM's a lot quicker than the built 525. It'll be good fun, however off the bottom it lacks the tractor capability of the 525 which is really nice in slow technical slogging situations. Having FI I was expecting unmatched responsiveness from the motor. The throttle response in neutral is a lot more quicker than the 525's carb despite my forever fiddling with the jetting, accelerator pump etc. The fI is unmatched in this perspective. However if riding along in low RPM's if the throttle is yanked open it responds, but not cleanly for almost a full second. It pulls, but not nice and linearly like the 525. The 500 seems to pull immediately but (relatively) timidly for almost a second, then the power ramps up strong. I thought this was just down to the EXC mapping but now with the competition map installed the trait is still there. Maybe my expectation of FI is too high but it responds a bit like the 350 XCFW I rode, nothing off the bottom but responds wonderful once its got a few RPM's built up. It feels more to me like a 450 lite than a true large bore. Anyone else feel the same sensation? The power also goes flat a LOT sooner than my built 570. The power feels all midrange without a bunch up high or down low.

The bikes steers lightening quick compared to my 525 with 17 degree Topar clamps, very nice. The downside of this is it has head-shake (even with 115mm sag and triple clamps showing 1 line of fork tube) that reminds me of my mid 90's 2 stroke motocrossers. Has anyone done any high speed rough fireroading on the bike? How is it through 50+ mph chop?
I had a 2005 525 and was extremely happy with it. Also had some work done on the engine. I was also a little disappointed with the 500 FI and have basically the same comments you do. I have the JD tuner fitted and have increased the throttle pump and also use the 'wlid' unrestricted euro map which does help somewhat. Also changed the gearing as it was way too high.

I have a scotts steering damper so no more head shake. Opted to raise the bars and put stabilizer under the bar rather than on top - a lot nicer to ride standing up now with the higher bar height.
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